Animal Soulmate Fellowship

You have a dog who is always anxious or aggressive. Your life has become small because of this, and you want it back. You may have two pets that have never gotten along very well, and you want peace in your home. Or you are a true spiritual seeker with a deep love for your pets and you want to understand them better, and become the Animal Goddess or Dr. Doolittle of your own home. With Kara as your compassionate guide, in a hybrid group class/private session program, you will learn tools and techniques to create your best life ever in a 30-day animal communication journey inside the heart, mind, body and soul of your animal companions, and yourself!

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Animal Soulmate Fellowship

This is a hybrid group/private session coaching program for the spiritual animal guardian seeking a deeper connection with her animal companions. You will learn to live in greater flow with your animals, you will learn to control your own energetic fields, communicate with your pets, and learn how to take better care of their physical and energetic health for their whole life.

Who is it for:

  • Someone with a spiritual side, open to learning meditative techniques.
  • Someone who has a problem animal but who is committed to helping that animal grow.
  • Someone who is already in Reiki, Yoga, a healing art, who sees her companion animal as a partner in healing, and wants to give that animal the best life ever.

Who it isn't for:

  • Anyone who wants a quick fix
  • Someone afraid of a little homework
  • Anyone unwilling to hire a new dog trainer or get extra bodywork if Kara tells you it is needed.
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Program Details

  • Group Zoom classes on animal communication, energy work and your own internal guidance
  • Four Private Energy Alchemy Sessions with Kara
  • An Active FB Group
  • Outside Consultants Customized to Your Concerns
  • Daily Meditations and Weekly Video Lessons on Pet/Person Bonding by Kara
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Unlocking peace for you and your companion animals is a few clicks away!


"Thank you Kara so much for sharing your wisdom with me!! Thank you for helping me develop my intuition and become more knowledgeable about ways to look within!! My goal for taking the class was to explore a deeper communication with Mickey and I have achieved it, I feel that I have a better understanding of our relationship and how he views our lives together."

Marcela Gonsalez

"Thank you so much Kara for all the shared wisdom, and to everyone else taking this course alongside me - it was a wonderful feeling to be in the company of other animal lovers, and hear about your successes as well. My little ones are in a wonderfully harmonious place after Kara helped me figure out everyone's jobs, and she helped alleviate some stresses that I'd had difficulty perceiving on my own!"

Jill Rose

"My boy is more calm around me, strangers, and my mom’s dog (who's he's fought with before). Since I've been doing the Animal Soul Therapy techniques, I've felt more clear and Atlas has been more calm on walks. I liked the Animal Soulmate Fellowship! I'm excited to see how much more closer I can get to my boy. Sometimes I think I hear his voice now in my head when I'm just walking around."

Alyssa Gonzales

About Kara

Kara has transformed the lives of thousands of companion animals whose guardians carry worries from behavior problems like anxiety and aggression, to chronic illness, or the
midwifing of death. Others just want to feel closer to the animal they love, and give her the best life, EVER.

Unlike other animal communicators, Kara unleashes your companion animal’s voice with telepathy, then employs energy techniques such as EFT tapping, her proprietary Animal Soul Therapy visualization techniques, and chakra work, combined with animal obedience, nutrition, and bodywork insights to help you improve your animal relationships, while ensuring you become the Animal Goddess or Dr. Doolittle of your own home.

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