Animal Soulmate Fellowship

Utilizing Your Spiritual Side To Help Your Animal Grow

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You have a dog who is always anxious or aggressive. Your life has become small because of this, and you want it back. You may have two pets that have never gotten along very well, and you want peace in your home. Or you are a true spiritual seeker with a deep love for your pets and you want to understand them better, and become the Animal Goddess or Dr. Doolittle of your own home. With Kara as your compassionate guide, in a hybrid group class/private session program, you will learn tools and techniques to create your best life ever in a 30-day animal communication journey inside the heart, mind, body and soul of your animal companions, and yourself!

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Your animals, like humans, have free will in regard to their behavior and condition and that the animal's behavior and/or condition may fluctuate or even worsen, despite our sessions. (Again, they are very much like humans in this regard!)This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated.