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Animals and Friends

Hi, I’m Kara, an animal communicator. I use mental telepathy to communicate with pets via words, imagery, sound and feeling. I have had numerous animals since I was a child. Ever since my adopted stray cat Patches began following me to the bus stop three blocks away and meeting me there precisely at 3:15 every weekday, I knew there was something more to the human/animal connection.

You don't need just yammering from an animal communicator. You need the real skinny on who your pet is, what he or she loves,  and how to solve problems, manage new pets or deal with pet illness, loss and death.  With photos you send me, I will unleash your pet's voice and tell his or her story to you, via Zoom, FaceTime or phone. I also give you 3-5 practical ways to create a zen den at your home.

I am  an animal columnist with Radiance and Awakenings magazines. I am and 2nd level Silva practitioner, I'm trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) , Garcia Innergetics, Reiki, nutrition, and acupressure. I can help you.

If you are still and quiet, you can learn to get messages from your animals. In our sessions, I will show you how.

My Animal Friends



Liberty is the last dog we failed as fosters with. She came to us as a sad case 6 months after Jayce the soulmate dog passed away. I got an urgent FB message that she and 12 other dogs would be put to sleep in 2 hours without a foster commitment, on the 3rd of July, because the next night, hundreds of freaked out 4th of July dogs were expected to flood the shelters.Today, Liberty has two main jobs. She is a nana for my son, sleeping at the foot of his bed. Her second job is to be the body surrogate when I do distance healing for animals. Liberty is a healer and a teacher and is growing into her magnificence every day.



Finn is the ultimate teacher for an animal communicator. He is my problem child, so I can better understand your problems. He is the dog personality who never wants to be first, is pretty unassuming in a pack and is a little quieter when asking for attention. And yet, on pack walks and in our backyard, Finn can be too MUCH of a policeman and a patrolman. He has barked so loudly that we had animal control tell us of a complaint. Soooo embarrassing, and so hard, as I cannot climb the hill behind our house. My husband was ready to re-home Finn, but I negotiated a month’s reprieve. Through EFT tapping, and serious long line training, Finn has only ever gone up the hill twice since, because I messed up the systems. Both times, he remained completely silent and when I sent him a picture of being locked up in animal control, he ran right back down.

a gray cat on a bed


Selene is the only cat of our crew, and the most recent addition. She came to us as a semi-feral stray who had given birth in a local shelter. When I walked into the shelter, she screamed in my head, “They TOOK my babies.”  As we adopted her, the shelter manager confirmed she had given birth to 6 al-gray kittens like herself, that were taken away and both fed within two days. Selene is my best communicator, and helps teach classes, along with Liberty.  We acquired a cat SHEERLY as a challenge to integrate older adult interspecies animals in one house, so that I can credibly help you do it. All my animals sleep together, but it took a few months of patience!



My young son is also an animal communicator and describes Gemma’s essence as a bright sun with flower petals as its rays of light. She connects our home and keeps our little dogs in line. I call her my lumbar support warming dog because she wedges herself behind my back while I work.

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Animal communication readings involve the transference of words, pictures, feelings, sounds and even smells between your pet and me.


My Soulmate Dog Transitioned

I still thought nothing of my deep connection to the natural world and animals until my world literally fell apart. After my own sudden but debilitating illness, and the death of my beloved Jayce, a 15-year-old Sheltie. I determined to learn about talking to animals. You see Jayce’s silhouette in my logo, as he inspired this work. He was literally the BEST DOG EVER, knew 250 commands in his prime and was a noble soul who loved sticks more than life itself. The background image below is of the Glastonbury Tor, in Somerset, England. Glastonbury is a healing place, and my spiritual journey began there.