Animal Soul Therapy

This fully customized concierge program is for spiritual animal lovers facing serious behavior or health challenges with their animals. You are committed to your animal, but  you are tired of seeing the anxiety, cleaning up messes, feeling afraid to take him on a walk for fear he will get in a fight. You just got a new cat and the resident animals are pretty upset. Your cat may have kidney disease, or your horse has seemed depressed. No veterinarian can help. You need more, and you believe in animal communication and energy work. Kara will work with you privately and help you assemble a team of professionals if that is called for, to help restore peace and happiness to your animal home.

You and Your Companion Animal Deserve Better from Life

You have a problem pet. A fairly challenging one. You may have tried all the "normal" things, you may have sent him to a week of board and train, but it isn't clicking. You may have a pet with a serious illness, but the vet tells you there is little she can do. You are ready to make your own magic, with the help of an animal communicator and energy worker who can help you change your situation for the better. Kara

  • Your dog's constant anxiety, aggression, barking or nipping limits your ability to walk him.
  • You hate seeing the fear in his eyes, but you have tried everything and feel resentful.
  • You added a new cat to your three-pet family. No one is happy.
  • Your older dog struggles with health challenges like heart failure. It isn’t “time."
  • You believe in energy work can provide comfort and extend quality of life.
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Program Details

  • Several private 1-to-1 sessions Animal Communication and Energy Alchemy sessions with you and your companion animal

    The number of sessions needed is customized per your unique issues, but is often 5-11. We use a combination of animal communication, animal health and behavior knowledge, practical animal psychology, emotional freedom technique for people and animals, and much more. Kara works on both pets AND the people
  • A customized plan for your particular issues

    After your first session, Kara will create a plan for you and your pet that will detail what she, you, and the pet will be integrating over the next several sessions.
  • Bodywork, energy work, holistic vet consultant

    Kara will teach you techniques that will relieve pain, calm anxiety, and will offer consultations with her favorite vets and bodyworkers. You will be given written guides to help you learn.
  • Animal Soul Therapy (TM) Meditation and Visualizations Recorded for You

    Kara will create recorded meditations and visualizations that she intuits are best for you to improve your situation. There is homework in this program, so expect to be working between sessions.
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Unlocking peace for you and your  animal companion is a few clicks away!


Alyssa and Mav

"Not only did she answer why Mav acted aggressively, we discovered an old back injury. I want my dogs to be happy. Kara showed me what to do to make that happen. I have an older dog (15 y.o.) and she told us she wasn't ready to be put to sleep, which was a huge relief. I know dogs have souls. With Kara's help, Mav is calmer, and gets to have walks again."

– Alyssa & Mav

"I would highly recommend Kara. Our dog Kona was very aggressive, and repeatedly bit everyone in the home. We were at our wits' end. Kara worked with us several times and recommended a local trainer as well. Kona improved greatly, and so did we, as dog guardians, becoming more intuitive and leaderly. Kona is much happier and less afraid."

– Katey & Kona The Warrior
Muna and Patty

"I use Kara for all my animal communication and energy work.
I am not a professional rider, but my horse, Patty, "Pardon My French," IS, and I want to perform well at our events. Patty always tells Kara how her body feels, we work energetically to be in-sync in the ring, and I get in trouble when I'm behind on massages!"

– Muna & Patty

About Kara

Kara has transformed the lives of thousands of companion animals whose guardians carry worries from behavior problems like anxiety and aggression, to chronic illness, or the midwifing of death. Others just want to feel closer to the animal they love, and give her the best life, EVER.

Unlike other animal communicators, Kara unleashes your companion animal’s voice with telepathy, then employs energy techniques such as EFT tapping, proprietary Animal Soul TherapyTM visualization techniques, and chakra work, combined with animal obedience, nutrition, and bodywork insights to help you improve your animal relationships, while ensuring you become the Animal Goddess or Dr. Doolittle of your own home.

Kara laying down with Liberty
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