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Animal Communication

Your animal yearns to communicate with you.

Animals communicate with each other all the time but only have limited options when trying to talk to us.  Your animals talk to me in words, images, movies, sound and feelings. More complex issues and health challenges sometimes require deeper energy, like EFT tapping, or chakra work,  but we always start by talking to the animals. My animal communication clients come to me wanting to know what their animals think and feel, why they behave a certain way, to address health and behavior issues, or to discuss questions of death and dying. I also work as a pet medium and I do track lost animals as time allows.

How Does a Reading Work?

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How does Kara communicate with animals?

Animal communication requires meditation and focus. Animals are always reading your mental images and your thoughts. I use an image of your pet, and maybe I see them on video with you as well. I spend a brief part of the call hearing from you about what most worries you, and then I go and check with the pet. His perception of the same situation may be totally different. You think he barks too much. He thinks he is being a good patroller. I also look inside the body. I am not a vet, but it is not unusual for grumpiness or fatigue to be caused by hidden pain. I will tell you what I see and hear. At that point, I am still connected to your animal and you can ask follow up Qs. I leave you with three practical tips, and if more energy work would be helpful, we can discuss that.

What do pets express during sessions?
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Your pets can express several different things during our sessions such as:

  • Favorite things
  • Personality
  • How they feel about each other (If there are two or more)
  • What they believe their jobs are in your home
  • Kara scans the body for pain
  • Kara queries animals on issues, behaviors, emotions or illness that worry you

After translating these messages, Kara will offer several practical steps that can help you increase harmony in your home, or may suggest further energy work, or recommend trainers, chiropractors, or more.

How do You prepare for a reading?
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When you book your session, you get to pick the calendar time, you submit images and a brief description, and a Zoom link is sent to you. Have your questions ready. Although I can do in-person readings, 95% of my readings are done over the phone or video call, with an image of your animal friend in front of me. I will ask you to tell me a brief bit about why we are connecting today, and then get quiet, meditate and connect with your animal. I will establish a relationship with him or her and discuss who they are, what they see as their role within your household structure and their favorite things. I will then probe into the question at hand.

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Animal communication readings involve the transference of words, pictures, feelings, sounds and even smells between your pet and me.

Our Energy Alchemy Techniques:

Muna and Patty

EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping, is a combination of talk therapy combined with tapping the Chinese acupressure points for fear, grief, and anger on the head and neck for both human and animal. I talk with each of you--the human and the pet, about a worry, a behavior issue, illness, fear or anxiety, from each of your perspectives, create a script, and work through a 1-hour energy session.  I teach you the sequence of tapping...The immediate results are feelings of relaxation--the long-term results can be life-changing.  See Muna's story... I tapped on her and Patty remotely several times during a competition...

Chakra clearing

Chakra Clearing and Scalar Wave

I can clear your pet’s chakras and bring his or her energetic body into better alignment. Through a process called Scalar Wave, I can help your companion animal come into better alignment and prepare for emotional or physical health. Here we have Kara's dog, Liberty acting as a surrogate, as Kara checks the energy and physical well-being of a dog on the other side of the phone.

The Silva Method for Body Work

I am a certified Level 2 Silva Method practitioner. I specifically use meditations, remote viewing and body viewing to help see and work energetically on your animals body. This is very helpful for arthritis or things like a known heart or kidney disease where we are trying to bring vitality back into the body.


Lost Animals

As time allows, I do my best to track lost animals. The fee is the same as a regular communication appointment, but includes one full session and two 15-minute check-ins over the next two weeks.  You need to be doing EVERYTHING practical to find your pet:  tracking all shelters, tons of fliers, knocking on doors for a mile around, leaving litter and dirty clothes out, and posting them on Pawboost and Nextdoor.
Does animal communication work? Sometimes, yes! Sometimes, it at least lets you find the remains, but there are no guarantees.

Here is Remie's story, whom I helped find near a lake...She showed me a white house and a road. Remie was lost. Animal communication helped me see her nearer the water, with a large white house in the foreground, very near a road. She was found there.

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