What is Animal Communication?
How Animal Communication and Energy Work Can Help You Understand Your Pet, Help Them Feel Better, Behave Better, and More.

Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking, feeling, or why they behave a certain way? Animals talk to Kara in words, images, movies, sound and feelings. She can also talk to animals in spirit, as a pet medium.

Every session includes a scan of the body. It is often the case that an animal behaving poorly is actually in pain. Kara is not a veterinarian, and animal communication should never be used a substitute or precursor for vet care, but it can enlighten you as to how your pet feels, both emotionally and physically.

Together, we will listen deeply to your animal, and leverage Kara's knowledge of animal behaviors, dog obedience, and metaphysical techniques from chakra clearing to Emotional Freedom Technique, (tapping), and more, to help break challenging behavior patterns, tackle chronic health issues, and promote harmonious living.

People book sessions or packages of for many reasons, but here are the most common:

  • New pet
  • Two animals not getting along
  • New or odd behavior
  • Life changes
  • Anxiety or Aggression
  • Chronic illness
  • Lost animals (I do these as time allows)
  • Midwifing death

Animal Communication, Energy Alchemy & Guidance from the Natural World for Pets and People

Kara Udziela is an animal communicator, energy alchemist, and spiritual teacher with over a decade of experience in transforming the lives of thousands of companion animals whose animal guardians carry struggles such as: anxiety, aggression, chronic illness, or the midwifing of death. Pet’s Eye View provides individual sessions and group courses to deepen your spiritual connections with your companion animals and teach you to listen to your own inner wisdom and the natural world.

Whatever your purpose for being guided here, we look forward to unleashing your animal's voice, and helping you create a magical bond with your pet and the world around you.

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Animal Communication can help you unlock

Hope for challenging situations
A deeper bond with your animal friend
An awakened connection to nature and your surroundings

I've helped animal guardians like you

Here’s what our clients are saying about their animal communication experience:

Alora D.

"The reading I received was so so so amazing. I've never experienced a reading for an animal before, but the one I received for all three of my fur babies is probably one of the most special gifts I have ever received from the god/the universe."

Alora D.

Hacienda Heights, CA
Danielle T.

"Kara has an amazingly special gift... Something I could only dream about doing. She's able to tap into animals to feel how they feel physically and emotionally"

Danielle T.

Aliso Viejo, CA
Tiffany S.

“Kara has helped me everything from poor dog behavior, to navigating my dog’s sudden illness and death, to hearing from that dog that we must get another. She even explained the personality of our new puppy before he came home. She is an essential support person in my journey of animal guardianship.”

Tiffany S.

Morgan J.

"In 30 minutes Kara absolutely knew who my pets were, their personalities, their desires. She helped me understand them better, the two of them are closer than ever, and I feel like I can hear and feel what they want from me more clearly than before."

Morgan J.

Book your animal communication reading with Kara

Animal communication readings involve the transference of words, pictures, feelings, sounds and even smells between your pet and me.