Terms & Conditions

Pet's Eye View and its owners, agents, and employees are not veterinarians or medical professionals of any kind or degree.

Using the services of Pet's Eye View and its employees/owners is for entertainment value and is not a substitute for seeking the advice, opinions and/or treatment of a medical professional for your pet. PEV may decline to provide you with their services even if payment is made in a timely fashion, in which case you will receive a full refund of your payments for which no services were provided.

If you suspect that your animal is ill, injured, dangerous, or having a medical crisis you should seek help from a qualified veterinarian. While you may see physical improvement in your animal, the work Pet's Eye View and its owners, agents, and employees does is emotional and spiritual in nature, not medical.

Your animals, like humans, have free will in regard to their behavior and condition and that the animal's behavior and/or condition may fluctuate or even worsen, despite our sessions. (Again, they are very much like humans in this regard!)This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated.


The appointment may be rescheduled if the appointment is rescheduled within two (2) days of the scheduled date.  '

***No refunds will be made for missed appointments. There are no exceptions. Please ensure your phone number is correct and you have proper access to Wi-fi or a phone prior to the call. Pet's Eye View is not responsible for missed appointments due to errors in phone numbers or  Zoom.    '

***No refunds are made once the reading is finished. Client shall not be entitled to any refunds in full or in part for payments made for any reason.

All funds paid shall be considered compensation for services rendered. Please inform other members on your credit card/ PayPal/bank of the charge.   If you need to reschedule, please make an effort to do so a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours beforehand.

There are no refunds for re-scheduled appointments because by vacating your previous appointment we lost revenue from that timeslot. Refunding a reschedule is equal to losing revenue from two appointments. We cannot afford this as a small business. Limit one re-schedule per appointment.

All cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the appointment. They are also subject to the applicable admin bank fee to cover the non-refundable merchant processing fees we pay when accepting your appointment.

Admin fees are as follows:

  • thirty-minute appointment – $6.00,
  • One-hour appointment$10.00
  • 90-minute appointment – $14.00
  • 120-minute appointment $15.00.