Animal Communication and The Right Job for Your Pet

Animal communication and the right job for your pet.

As an animal communicator, I talk all day long to pets who are doing the EXACT OPPOSITE things that their owners would prefer. You read stories like this every  day of dogs who have taken on the exact wrong jobs.

All pets need a job. And if you do not give them a job, they WILL create one for themselves. The short video I created here talks about the challenges and dangers of two particular jobs: The Healer and The Protector.

To learn more about these jobs, as well as the ability to brainstorm jobs for your pets that will create a calm home, please download my ebook, “Give Your Pet a Purpose.” You can get it right here in the sidebar, or any time you visit the site. Animal communication session can help you find the right job for your pet.

Other jobs to avoid?  The baby. The Diva… Don’t even get me started on names. If we consider that in animal communication or any human communication, energy is everything, you can easily see why naming a dog, “Trouble” might be cute as a puppy, but a self-fulfilling negative prophecy as an adult.

Naming and jobs are pets are exceedingly important in a multi-pet household, to eliminate territory issues and make everyone feel loved equally. If you are having challenges with your pets, let’s book a session to discover, through animal communication, what your pet or pets think their jobs are, and how to have them function at their best in your home. Hint: You will have some animal communication homework to do!

Happy is the pet who is doing a job in line with his or her personality strengths, and the needs of its owners. Especially for dogs whom you think are aggressive, be really clear that these may be fearful dogs who feel forced into trying to be a protector because they view you as weak. I’m happy to help you find the right job for your pets and strengthen the pet and person bond.

Bright Blessings,

Kara and The Pet’s Eye View Crew

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