Animal Communication Reveals a Pet's True Likes and Dislikes

Animal Communication Reveals a Dog's True Joy--To the Shock of Her Owners.

Dear << Test First Name >>,

Are you making assumptions about what your dog, cat, bird, rat, or horse likes or doesn't? Emily and her daughter Hannah were.

Check out the  YouTube video above for the delightful and hilarious results of a single phrase that Hokey made me write down in my journal in bold  ALL CAPS!

I don't always know what the messages I receive mean, but 98 percent of the time, the animal guardians DO know--sometimes with hilarious results, as you can see in the video above.

I will show you other pieces of this remarkable session with Hokey and her sister Doby in future emails, because there are many layers to it, but I think this is a perfect example of how a single animal communication private session can work to:

  • Completely change our perceptions,
  • Create deeper, meaningful connections with our animal companions
  • Make sure our pet is living his or her best life.

Do you wonder whether your pet likes something, has a food preference, what level of pain they may be experiencing?

You can learn to better discern these things, and it starts with grounding yourself and waiting for communication with your pets.  

I had one wonderful lady ask me this week why she meditates so hard, but hears no words from her pet, no matter how hard she tries. My answer was three-fold:

  • Maybe you are not clairaudient...(meaning you don't "hear" words intuitively.) (YET)
  • Maybe your pet communicates more in pictures or feelings than in English.
  • You actually have to learn to trust yourself and try LESS hard. This is what I teach.

We all have strengths in intuition. What is yours?  Meditation is the starting point.

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I am excited to be mailing off a set of unexpected special gifts  to my newest Animystic students this week. In my view, an ani-mystic, is someone who trains in mysticism and believes all things are imbued with life and sentience.

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Bright Blessings!


P.S. For free talks and periodic 1-Q readings, I invite you to join my Facebook group: Animal Whisperer--This week, 10 a.m. PT--Halloween edition, show me your pet's best looks, and I will discuss how we honor the ancestors and our deceased pets on this holiday. You can bring a pic of your deceased pet, as I will be doing meditation for us all to release grief and send love to those beyond the veil.

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