Animal Communication for Dogs who Are Picky Eaters

Animal communication for dogs who are picky eaters. Is this a thing? Yes, actually. Many clients come to me with dogs who are not eating very well. I always caution that if you have a dog whose eating habits have changed, a veterinarian check is very important as a first step. You want to rule out serious medical conditions.

As an animal communicator, my first job is to talk to the pet, but what is unique about my training is that I also look inside the body and I am sometimes shown strange things that can lead a pet owner to other solutions.

Meet Milo. Milo is a darling and comedic white fluff ball, who happens to be a very picky eater. In a recent session, I was able to go inside his body intuitively. I was surprised to be shown what looked like swish cheese holes in his stomach. He also showed me feeling a burning sensation whenever he would eat the food offered.

Literally, mealtimes were so bad that his guardian would need to hand feed him. Based on this guidance, as well as a few other food recommendations, I am thrilled to report that Milo's mom writes me regularly to say that he is still eating well.

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Milo's tummy is feeling much better
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