Anxious Dog Improves Through A Barkmitzvah and Caring Owners

I have known Paxton, (Pax), since he was a tiny baby. As he approached adolescence, his guardians, Tam and Brendan, came to me again because he was acting scared and anxious in ways he had never experienced before. We worked on him energetically to calm some disregulation, but I also sensed it was a bit of regression, which does happen to some dogs in adolescence.

Pax's owners did all the right things. You must work on a practical level and an energetic level in order to get a shift in the your pet. So, what did Tam and Brendan do?

They did some more training, but they also communicated to Paxton their EXPECTATIONS of him, in a wonderful and helpful way.

Watch the video above to see Pax's Barkmitzvah. If you need help with your anxious dog, please book a session with me. I will introduce you to my P.E.A.C.E. method of animal communication for calmer pets.

You can join my Answers for Your Anxious Dog workshop on Dec. 11. Email me to register.

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