Animal Communication Helps Aggressive Dogs


Can animal communication help aggressive dogs?  Yes, animal communication helps aggressive dogs. Animal communication alone will not stop behaviors learned over years, but it will definitely help you figure out what is going on in your dog’s head. When I combine this modality with energy work, such as Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals, also known as “tapping,” positive visualization, and very likely dog training, animal communication has created wonderful outcomes for many dogs and their people.  Today, I want you to meet Kona, a darling little dog who was charging and biting his owners nearly daily for four years. Aggressive dog? Yes. But was Kona coming from a place of meanness, or evil? No.

Kona showed me terrible images of being hurt, thrown and abused by people in the years before he made it to his loving home. He had some residual spine damage that had gone undetected, but which made him especially protective of his hind end. We worked repeatedly over several weeks on his fears and releasing old trauma, using EFT for animals, visualization, the support of essential oils, strategic massage for getting a scared dog BACK in his body, and changing his job. For more on the importance of the right jobs for your pet, please download my free ebook.  Better yet, scroll down, to hear from Kona’s guardian Katey, about his transformation.

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