Animal Communication in the Media

January 1, 2020

Animal Communication in the media. There are much more animal communication stories in the media than a decade ago. I am a regular contributor to two spiritual and health-based magazines, Radiance, and Awakenings--which also has a brilliant metaphysical store near my home. I also guest blog and do other interviews occasionally on the topics of animal communication, why I dislike the term, "pet psychic," animal energy healing, pet mediumship, problem behavior, separation anxiety in dogs, cat behavior issues and more. You can find a brief selection here. Scroll down to watch a wide-ranging interview with Scott Ware, editor of Radiance magazine.

I will add more and fresher content as it is available. For now, enjoy reading animal communication in the media.

When Pets Reincarnate, Fall 2019--Radiance magazine:

"May I Stay?" A narrative I wrote almost verbatim from the most darling little rescue dog you ever saw. So scared, so eager to please, so worried about her foster mom, and so confused about what a good dog is!!

Picking Your Next Pet After Loss. This is an advice column I wrote for Petmasters, a national resource for local animal products and services. I discuss animal communication, how to know when it is a good time to adopt a new friend, and about how to deal with the loss of a pet.

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