Animal Communication Sessions: How to Have a Great One

Animal communication sessions can be powerful tools of transformation if you prepare well and choose an animal communicator who also knows a LOT about pet behaviors, pet separation anxiety, and pets in transition. People often call animal communicators pet psychics. On the one hand, “pet psychic” is a great metaphorical shorthand to help people quickly visualize that someone is going to be able to unlock some of the mysteries of your best friend, or newly adopted mystery, but, it is a fairly inaccurate definition of what we do. Animal communicators do, during animal communication sessions, receive flashes of inspiration and a knowing about what can be done for a particular issue or ailment, and, if your dog wants to show us stories and images of previous owners and even abuse, we can relay that to you. But, my true job is to communicate with your pet, through words, pictures,  and feelings—which is very different from predicting the future or reading the past.

If you hate reading, I share more about how an animal communication session works in this video:

You can better prepare for animal communication sessions by being clear in what you hope to learn about your pet or pets, outline any problems you are having, and come to prepare to work. If you wish to book a session with me, please go here.

Phone calls versus In-Person

If the meeting is over the phone, you will send a nice face and body shot of your pet to your communicator. In reality, these are not strictly necessary. If an animal communicator knows she is talking to a beagle named Charlie, we truly are just asking to connect to the right soul, and have no trouble communicating. The picture is nice, though, to establish a more personal bond and usually makes the client feel more in control.  

If you are meeting in person, having the animal communicator come to your home, I find my clients often trying to corral all their pets into one room. Unless there is physical work or animal energy healing to be done, this isn’t strictly necessary.  You can let them wander. It is very disconcerting as human beings, because we think eye contact is important, but your spirit is larger than your body—and so is your animal’s.

So, which is best, phone or in-person?  For a simpler call, or just to know what your pet is thinking, phone is often perfectly fine.  Most of my calls include FaceTime or Zoom so I establish a personal connection with the owner. House calls are more costly, because of travel time, and are good for some complex issues or when multiple pets or sessions will be involved.

Don’t Hold Back—Don’t Test Your Pet or Your Communicator

Chances are, if you are coming to an animal communicator or pet psychic, you have a problem you’d like to learn more about or solve. Why is my cat peeing on the sofa, why does my dog try to bite my hands? Unfortunately, some people are very skeptical and think it better to not mention any issues upfront. This is a waste of your time. Why? First, understand that what YOU see as an issue, may not be a big deal to your pet, so they might not mention it at all. (I hate to break it to you, but peeing on the grass versus the bathroom tile is a human need, not a dog need.)

Second, pets are very like people in that they do like to make a great first impression. Just as I am not really excited to meet you for the first time and immediately admit my Facebook addiction, neither is your dog interested in having a brand new friend know all the times he ate a shoe and got yelled at because of it.

So, if you have an issue you want to work on—state it clearly. That way, once trust is established between pet and animal communicator, the communicator can gently insert that into the conversation, and get some verbal, visual and even sensations that will tell you where the problem starts. This makes for a powerful animal communication session.

Be Prepared for Homework

I love it when one animal conversation brings about true transformation.  It can happen, and often there is a shift immediately. But for long-term or heavy-duty health or behavioral issues, be prepared to work.  This is where an animal communicator is much better suited to identifying your pet’s concerns than a psychic. Any intuitive can speak to animals, but they are not people with fur—Good animal communicators have always been trained in a few other modalities regarding pets, and can advise regarding nutrition, anxiety, simple obedience, and they do energy work that really helps you and your pet get into a better groove. They also have a handle on the best chiropractors and acupuncturists in town to help your pet feel better.

The Hard Truth About Serious Pet Problems: Here’s the truth. Some animal issues are hairy and scary—from anxiety to biting—  If you have no real desire to work on your pet who has a big issue, to invest in training, working on anxiety issues, you may have already given up. In your case, it is better to re-home your pet, than to spend money on an animal communication session if you will do no follow up. I’d much rather you spend your money on a relinquishment fee to a no-kill animal rescue than have you drop it at a local shelter where it can be killed in a day or two. Please do not relinquish your pet to a municipal shelter. The statistics in California are shocking. California killed more than 110,000 shelter pets in 2018.

My joy comes from improving the pet/person bond. I have done it for hundreds of people and hope to do it with any committed pet guardian who is passionate about their pets.

Using this guidance, enter your next animal communication as a partner with your chosen animal communicator. Prepare to investigate, laugh and learn as you form a deeper bond with your companion animals. I have prepared a short video for you that talks more about my animal communication sessions, how remote animal telepathy and animal communication works, and common animal issues I address in an animal communication session. You can access that here.

Bright blessings,

Kara and the animal crew!

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