Animal Communicators and the Importance of Pet Safety

Animal communicators across the globe would love to tell you that they get hundreds of calls a month about a cute little puppy and the guardians only called to know how to be even BETTER to this dog. The reality is, animal communicators are most often called with there is a challenge or a tragedy. For me, has been a long summer of animal communication readings for lost dogs and cats, and even a dog who was nearly killed because of a Peace Lily in his home. Peace Lillies are notoriously toxic to dogs. I’d much rather you called me for a happy reason, so do all you can to prevent accidents and tragedies for your beloved animal friends.

I want your pet to have a safe, long, happy life. I’m so sure that you want the same. A fenced yard–at least 6-feet high— is one of the best investments you can make to keep your dogs and cats safe. In California, where I live, coyotes can jump this height, so the higher you are allowed to go by city ordinances, the better! And check your home, the food, access to cleaners at ground level. Pets are like toddlers. You don’t want to call poison control because Fido chewed on the toilet cleaners.

Please keep your animals in a fenced yard, and if you are afraid to lose your beloved kitty, don’t let her outdoors without a leash. I do animal communication readings for lost pets and for deceased pets, so if you need to find a lost pet or talk to a dearly beloved old pet who has passed, please reach out.  Meanwhile, check out this cute and useful graphic created by the fine folks at First Fence Company:

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