Grieving the Loss of Beloved Pets

Athena the noble

Michelle had two wonderful dogs for many years. The noble Athena and the fun Buddy! They were with her through many years and changes in her life. Sadly, both Buddy and Athena became very ill and died within months of each other.  Although Michelle was very close with her husband’s dog, Petey, a year later she still grieved daily for these two great souls, sometimes questioning whether she made the right choices about euthanasia at the right times. Michelle came to me to know how the pets are on the other side and to help lessen her grief, which had not lessened much since their passings.  Both dogs came forward with big messages for her. We then worked with EFT tapping to release some big grief and set intention for life going forward with Petey.

Here is Michelle’s email to me.

I can definitely feel the hold on my grief loosening up a bit. It’s pretty amazing actually. I’ve been doing short tapping sessions on my own. I’ve been talking to Petey and letting him know he’s my guy…my hero, and he seems more to feel more secure already. And I’m being more mindful of how my feelings and actions can affect his big ol’ heart. A lot has shifted this week for both of us already.

Thank you Kara, I am grateful for your help with the tapping and helping me to realize what I’ve been doing by deflecting and using my grief as a distraction from other issues. I honestly feel lighter and more joyful. Looking forward to a few more sessions with you.

Buddy passed suddenly, leaving his person very sad.
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