How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Life As Death Approaches

Bodhi sends love and light to his owner.

Bodhi was an awesome, lovely dog for many years, and a loving companion to Kim and her husband. Kim felt it was near the end of Bodhi’s life and called me for a reading. Bodhi told me how much she loved Kim, and about the things they used to do. She also showed me a tightness in her side and difficulty breathing, that Kim confirmed was a tumor.  What was really hilarious is that Bodhi showed me the drive-thru and asked for a hamburger.  Kim laughed and laughed and said they used to treat her to McDonald’s. Here is Kim’s note to me the day after our session. Bodhi got her Big Mac!

Thank you again for this wonderful reading.  I was truly touched and it has given me a lot to think about.

I’m going to make sure that Bodhi gets to eat everything she could wish for as well as go through the drive thru at McDonald’s at least once more. We will celebrate her life and all her exploits. We will enjoy whatever time she has left.  She is truly my hero and I’m glad she identifies herself that way.

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