Muna and Patty

A Winning Horse and Owner Team

Kara mentioned to me at a party that she can talk to animals. I have a busy law practice, but my passion is my horses, especially Patty, also known as “Pardonn My French.” A few weeks before the World Championship, I asked Kara to talk to Patty. Kara nailed her essence, her persona, and gave me very clear instructions on where Patty was in pain. She also told me Patty was perfectly confident in her ability to win big, but she needed me to sit in better balance in the saddle. I was sill a little skeptical and did not tell my trainer or any friends about what Kara said. But when we went to the World Championships, I hired a vet chiropractor, and within minutes, without me saying a word, she had diagnosed and treated pain in exactly the two areas that Kara was concerned about two weeks previously.

I was hooked!

Kara spent the whole weekend on the phone with me and Patty, talking, meditating and using EFT tapping before every class. Patty told her that my saddle was rubbing her hind, and sure enough, IT WAS. The two greatest things that came out of that incredible weekend were, 1. Patty helped me achieve Reserve Champion in my class, when I had never gotten higher than 11th place before, and 2., and most importantly---Going through that weekend with Patty and hearing what she wanted and needed strengthened our bond tremendously. I have never felt closer to my animals or more confident that we are all connected.

Thank you, Kara.

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