OC Animal Communicator Discusses Animal Communication with MysticMag.com

Kara with Mystic Mag
OC Animal Communicator Kara talks with MysticMag.com about how animal communication can help pets and their people.

OC animal communicator discusses animal communication with MysticMag.com.

I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel last month with MysticMag. Please read our lively discussion, here. www.mysticmag.com.

We discussed many aspects of animal telepathy, how animal communication is different than a psychic reading, and how truly prepared with deep animal knowledge a good animal communicator should be. As a proud OC animal communicator, who also works globally via Zoom and WhatsApp, 99% of my work is done online. Although the first animal communication sessions I do with new clients focus on animals and their purposes in a home, or any worrisome behavior and health Qs a guardian might have, much of the good animal communication work I do draws upon a deep well of animal behavior and heath knowledge, including acupressure, EFT for animals and feeding techniques. I combine animal communication with other metaphysical techniques, visualization practices for the owner, as I am certified in a variety of meditative practices. I assign homework, and conduct energy work in partnership with the pets and their people to release patterns that no longer serve, and sometimes to alleviate pain.  Animal communication opens the door to a stronger commitment and bond between you and your pet. I encourage you to read my interview with Miguel and learn more of the power of animal communication and energy work. If you are in need of an experienced and powerful OC animal communicator, or can Zoom in from anywhere in the world, I assure you that we can work very powerfully via phone or video call.

For more on how I can help your animals, please hear what others have to say

To read more about my thoughts on animal communication, and other stories of my animal clients, I am a regular contributor to Radiance Magazine. I hope to meet you and your companion animals soon.

Any Qs, please email me at kara@petseyeview.com.



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