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A recent graduate of Animal Soulmate Fellowship

Animal communication courses are not all created equal. Such courses should be able to help you talk to your animals. I believe you should have more tools for handing behavior and health challenges as well.

I know you! You are a spiritually-minded pet mother. You see people like me talking to animals, and you think, "How did she do that?"

It isn't a mystery, and I can help you hear, see, and feel your pets' thoughts and needs.

My teachings will give you energetic tools that will improve both of your lives and health.

Your pets are DYING for you to hear them because they are listening to your thoughts, mental pictures, and feelings ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Let me help you become the Animal Goddess of your own home.

You can transform your companion animal relationship from mundane to magical in 30 days with my upcoming

                                                           ☽ Animal Soulmate Fellowship Journey ☽

Find Out More About The Course

The Animal Soulmate Fellowship program is a hybrid personal session and Zoom SMALL group online coaching program. You will be learning by talking with me, and with other animal lovers.

You will practice meditations I have created and used for 20 years as a Western mystic.

There are only 3 spots left for this intimate learning experience, which runs Aug. 1-31 online.

Learning outcomes include:

**Knowing yourself better

**Watching and managing your energy and the energy field of your pet or pets

**Establishing energy leadership

**Working with Kara on a plan for overcoming problems or tackling health issues.

**Matching your animal's true soul purpose with a role in your house that is ideal for you both.

**Hearing and sensing your animal's life experiences in real time.

One recent student said of her aggressive Chihuahua,

"For the first time, instead of thinking of him as bossy or angry, I saw him and felt the energy running through his body as pure fear. How sad, but how much it changed my opinion."

See Jill Rose below, describe her reasons for becoming a member of the Animal Soulmate Fellowship and what she got out of the course.

Book a free 30-minute session with me to discuss this course.  We will discuss your pet household. Then we can decide whether this hybrid online live/private session experience is a fit for you:

Who Should Take This Course?

You are a GREAT animal guardian, and you want MORE than the squishy, "I love my dog" Instagram posts. You crave true understanding and sacred companion animal relationships.  You want to have tools that help you create great energy health for your pet--even IF he has a chronic condition. You are frustrated by the behavior you do not understand, even though you are the BEST pet owner ever. You want to just know when the water dish is empty.  You want a heads-up when your pet feels unwell before it is a crisis because your pet can actually tell you.

The Animal Soulmate Fellowship course is taught via Zoom on three weekends, with private 1.5 hour energy work meetings with me in-between, and weekly assignments via a secret Facebook group. We will set goals for changes and shifts in your home, with your animals, and you will also pair up with others.

Who Should NOT Take This Course?

You don't want to do any real work. If you don't believe our feelings and emotions affect our pets, you should not enroll. You would be unwilling to meet with a trainer or a bodywork specialist.

Kara often sees pain or training issues that you need to address while learning from her.

You want to be a professional animal communicator. This is a 4-week journey.  You will be in more sacred communication with your own pets, but you would not be qualified to give advice to everyone you know...

At first, your accuracy is unpredictable.

A Word on Professional Animal Communication Courses

There are many good animal communication courses for professionals.  Here is my advice on how to discern what is best for you.

A good program is at minimum 8 months long with several weekly calls and lots and lots of case studies done by you independently. You should have a mentor to call upon when you get stuck.  I personally believe you need a year under someone's tutelage. This applies even if you have been a human energy healer for years.  Animals give feedback in different ways to humans.  I can point you to courses that meet this need.

If you are looking to become an animal communicator professionally, it requires a major time commitment. Your words and advice can change someone's life. You owe it to animals and their people to have hundreds of hours at animal communication practice under direct supervision.

Therefore, Animal Soulmate Fellowship--which goes beyond communication to various energy techniques, is a wonderful foundation, but not a certification program.

Choose a Good Program

I also recommend you learn and practice on a variety of species. Learn to communicate with animals at different life stages, multiple animal households, and increasingly more difficult situations. Finally, you should know far more than just animal communication--because people don't just need to know what their pets are thinking or feeling. They need real-world solutions and metaphysical support for very tough situations. These can range from anxiety to aggression, illness, divorce that separates a pet from one guardian, and death. Handling the animal and the emotions of the client in each of those situations requires skill and compassion that doesn't happen overnight.

If you are binterested in the next Animal Soulmate Fellowship month, booking happens continually, but the cohorts run in August, November, February and May.

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