Animal Communication for a Pet Who Is in Pain

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Animal Communication for Pets in Pain: The Vets Don't Always Know Everything

Sylvan's Story

Four years ago, a truly wonderful vet nearly killed my beloved elderly Sheltie, Sylvan.  She was breathing in a labored way and was 14. He took an x-ray and in 10 minutes diagnosed advanced lung cancer. He suggested we put her down that day. Thankfully, I am able to use animal communication for pets in pain, and Sylvan and I looked at each other, and I pushed back.

Because I am an animal communicator, I had years of trusting my intuition with ill dogs, cats and horses. The diagnosis did not feel right to me. Therefore, I asked for a second opinion. Meanwhile, my poor dog was coughing blood, and I was staring at a confusingly cloudy x-ray of her lungs. 

3 hours later, Sylvan wasn’t dying...she had pneumonia. Four days after that, following a course of antibiotics, she was fine. This is not an indictment of vets. It IS meant to make you aware that you can learn to understand your pet’s emotional state, communicate with them. You can strengthen your own intuition regarding their level of pain, what is causing anxiety, and more. I can teach you how in my upcoming Animal Soulmate Fellowship 30-day program.

Learn to Know Your Pet's Body and Pain Levels

Hello, animal lover. Pets in pain come to my practice every day. Isn’t it horrible when your dog or cat or horse appears to be in physical pain, but no one can figure it out? Maybe he has a chronic health condition, like arthritis or congestive heart failure. You wish you knew how much pain he was in, or whether there was something more you could do? Well, there is, and I can help you learn.

I’m an animal communicator and nature whisperer. I have helped thousands of people like you--truly passionate, committed animal lovers, transform their animal relationships from mundane to magical. To help animals I use a unique mix of tools. I use animal telepathy, practical animal health and behavior knowledge, and metaphysical techniques honed over 20 years’ training as a Western mystic. I want to show you how to strengthen your natural intuition help the animals in your own home.

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How You Can Learn to Recognize the Level of Pain Your Pet Is In

In August, I’m helping a small group of committed pet owners like yourself. You will transition from an owner to what I call a “Spiritual Animal Guardian.” You will go beyond caring for your pet, to having true conversations with him or her.

Learn more about yourself, your unique intuitive strengths, power up your meditative skills--even IF you can only do it for 1 minute at a time now--I promise--And, you will learn body and energy techniques to keep your pets happier and healthier throughout their lives. The next time you wonder whether the pain is severe, you will trust your intuition, just like I did with Sylvan.

How Animal Communication and Energy Work Has Helped Pets in Pain When The Vet Was Discouraged

You may be like my client Martha, whose beloved horse had clearly been in pain for 4 months. Two different vets couldn’t figure it out. The horse clearly showed me a round wound under his belly.  Guess What? No one had thought to look under the poor horse. It turned out he had a badly infected belly button. Problem solved.

Or like my client Melissa, whose dog was always slightly aggressive, but we discovered that he had an old back injury. Regular acupressure treatments have helped him return to a pain-free life, and Melissa can tell when he needs treatment again.

You have a pet you’d really like to know and understand better than you ever thought possible.  When you want to move beyond an ordinary, loving animal relationship to something truly extraordinary, animal communication is a great tool.  If you want to know if your pet is in pain, and if it is severe, I can help.

If you want to learn animal telepathy, and metaphysical techniques for pets, I invite you to book a chat with me. I can discuss exactly what you will learn and the course format.  Those who pay in full get a fourth Zoom class in medical intuition from me.

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