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Kara Udziela Talks Risk/Reward and Chatting with Animals

I'm a proud third generation Californian. I'm featured in one of the most beautiful cultural magazines in Los Angeles. Being an animal communicator brings joy to my life. Read on for my thoughts on risk and rewards as a leading Pet Psychic in the beautiful online magazine, ShoutOut L.A.

Read the whole article at the link above or read on to find excerpts that I think apply to people, and their pets:

In that horrible year, a dear Indian spiritual teacher of mine, Ruby Bedi, told me something I that I will never forget. She said that if I didn’t rid myself of fear, fear would kill me. Further, she said that we all come into this life with a set number of breaths.
Some babies get four breaths, and they are gone, some people get 300 billion breaths, but once you have run out your breaths, that is it. You are done.
Ruby said, “Live BOLDLY, because there is no other choice if you want to be truly alive.”

Why I am an Animal Communicator?

It takes a great deal of courage to go public with being an animal communicator. Although there are many Southern California animal communicators, what sets me apart are two things:

1. I work energetically on both the pets and their people. It is NEVER just about the pet.

2. I have studied EFT for Animals, chakra clearing techniques, hypnotism and various energy healing modalities. These can help shift problems in health or behavior.

From the article in ShoutOut LA:

I don't just communicate telepathically with the animals, I bring to my practice a vast array of bodywork and animal behavior knowledge."

I’m very excited about my group coaching program, Animal Soulmate Fellowship.  I teach small groups of committed animal guardians. They learn how to be more intuitive, what to look for in their pets’ bodies and behaviors in order to shift anything not working..."

I also have a private-session program for people with serious animal issues, from behavior concerns to illness, called Animal Soul Therapy."

If you would like to learn more about me or my services, please scan this website. See my testimonials, watch more about animal communication, and check pricing.  If you don't feel ready to make an appointment, but want to help your pet, start with my free e-book called Giving Your Pet a Purpose, and get my emails for tips and coupons. You are also welcome to join my free, but private Facebook group called, Animal Whisperer:

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