What to Expect From a Pet Psychic

red dog has a pendulum over its body as a pet psychic works on her

Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator

Is there a difference?

Pet Psychic. Animal Communicator. These terms are used pretty interchangeably in the psychic world these days. The other day, someone asked me which term I preferred. I do have a preference, but what I most care about is that you, as a client, get the help that you most need.  In reading about the animal communication industry, and in talking to recent clients, I am a little concerned. I believe that as animal communication schools become more popular, quality control is sliding.

Animal Communication Should Be More Than "He Likes a Red Ball."

I just spoke to a potential client frustrated with her overactive pet. She is actively taking animal communication courses on a fairly regular basis. However, it appears there is some disconnect between the animal communication process and solution possibilities. Some courses seem not to go beyond the translation to actually tackle a real world issue.

Animal Communication is the doorway to greater understanding of your pets, and yourself. It is often the first step in a series of energetic and practical solutions that your pet psychic should be able to offer.  If they do not offer more than a chat keep looking.

If you visit an animal communicator who doesn't use energy healing or have deep training in obedience or animal behavior, please find someone else. What do I mean by energy work?  EFT, Reiki, Acupressure, Tellington T-Touch, Hypnotherapy, some other body modality are a few examples. If the animal communicator can only translate, I fear you have settled for a charming discussion of your pet's personality.  To me, that is a bit of a parlor trick.

Pet Psychic: The term:

What I like about this term is that people who are familiar with traditional psychics immediately get a sense that this is similar.  They get that we specialize in pets.

The challenging part of the term "pet psychic" is that it sounds predictive. Animal communicators may not see the exact hour of your pet's death, or every single details about her past.  

I trained at one of the most comprehensive animal schools in the world. I would say that prediction is not the focus of a good animal communicator.

Curly-haired psychic with red dog sits in a chair outdoors

Animal Communicator--Why I prefer this term

Animal communicator and animal communication are the terms I most often use to describe my work.  I trained to use my mind to engage in a transference of words, pictures, emotions and physical sensations with animals. It is a conversation.

Do you wonder if a dog suffered abuse? Do you wonder who else your cat or horse or bird may have lived with before you?  They may show me pieces of these previous lives. It is unlikely to get entire narrative.  

Yes, dogs will show me violence. I will get a sense that a cat loved a little girl very much.  I might get some dialogue from the animal about heartbreak. But then they want to move on.

Get More from a Pet Psychic or Animal Communication Reading

I have written about how to have a good animal communication reading extensively. Please review.  I also have a whole section of this website devoted to helping you anticipate what I can do for you as an animal communicator.

Bottom line, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Read reviews and the website thoroughly. Different pet psychics or animal communicators have strengths in certain areas. I, for example, do lost animals. Others do not.  I am good at helping relationships between animals in a home or helping you midwife the death of a beloved pet. Others may not have that strength.
  2. Write down your main questions.
  3. Choose one who has more training than simply talking to animals.
  4. Understand that the first animal communication session may not be a miracle. If you have problems with your animals, those didn't arise overnight.  Your pet psychic may need to bring other modalities to bear on anxiety, health issues, and more.

If you would like to book a session with me to understand your pets better, deal with chronic illness, or talk to deceased pets, you can book a session here: www.petseyeview.com/book-now

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